A triumph over post transplant weight gain

Post transplant weight gain problem

Meet Saloni, a strong and resilient individual who recently underwent a life-saving kidney transplant. After her successful surgery, Saloni was ecstatic to have a new lease on life. However, along with the joys of recovery, she faced an unexpected challenge – post-transplant weight gain.

How do I lose weight after post transplant weight gain

“I feel like a pumpkin when I see myself in front of the mirror,” Saloni shared with a hint of humour and frustration. “All my clothes are short now, and I’m becoming more lethargic day by day. It’s like my appetite has gone through the roof, and I find myself munching on something every hour. But how can I exercise or go to the gym when I’m not allowed to do so? Even getting up early for a walk feels impossible with the morning sickness I experience.”

Like many post transplant patients, Saloni found herself grappling with the side effects of her immunosuppressive medications, particularly the high-dose steroids prescribed to modulate her immune system. While she understood the importance of these medications, she couldn’t ignore their impact on her weight and overall health.

Effect of Prednisone

Prednisone, a steroid commonly prescribed after transplants, mimics the stress hormone cortisol within the body.

Tired of having a fat face due to post transplant weight gain

By binding to certain areas of the brain that control hunger, it can stimulate appetite and increase food intake. Moreover, prednisone can disrupt the sleep cycle, which further impacts the hormones responsible for regulating appetite. Furthermore, prednisone can affect the distribution of fat in the body, leading to the deposition of fat in undesirable areas such as the face (moon face), abdomen, and upper back (buffalo hump). Restricted lifestyle and lack of physical activity within the first 6 months of kidney transplant make the patients more vulnerable to gaining weight abruptly.

Despite these side effects, steroids remain indispensable after a transplant due to their critical role in modulating immunity. So, the challenge lies in finding a way to address weight gain without compromising the essential treatment.

Impact of weight gain on metabolic health

Post transplant weight gain significantly increases the risk of post transplant diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, delayed wound healing, susceptibility to infections, and various other metabolic abnormalities.

The Impact of Post transplant Weight Gain on graft

Studies have shown that an increase in BMI by just 5% in the first year after a kidney transplant can lead to a 2.82% higher risk of graft loss. Approximately 50% of patients experience weight gain after renal transplantation, particularly within the first year, regardless of their pre-transplant nutritional status.

Cracking the Puzzle of Post Transplant Weight Gain – Introducing Mukti

For post transplant patients struggling with weight gain, Mukti offers a transformative solution. With its scientifically approved yogic techniques, Mukti empowers patients to manage their weight effectively while supporting overall health and well-being.

Mukti Yoga to lose post transplant weight gain

Saloni joined Mukti with a glimmer of hope in her eyes, not knowing the remarkable changes that awaited her. She began to feel more energetic and lively through a few stretching exercises, core muscle exercises, pranayamas, and meditation. But most importantly, Mukti gave Saloni back the sense of control she had lost over her appetite and weight. “I could feel myself reclaiming my life,”. Initially, I was assessed by a certified yoga coach and specified Yoga and meditation techniques were prescribed for me, and I was provided with a dedicated trainer who helped me win the battle, she said with a smile. “It wasn’t just about shedding the extra weight; it was about regaining my health and well-being.”

As weeks passed, Saloni’s progress was evident. She was shedding excess pounds, her blood pressure and sugar levels were under control, and her sleep improved significantly. Mukti had become her steadfast ally in the battle against post-transplant weight gain.

“It’s incredible how Mukti has made all the difference,” Saloni exclaimed. “And the best part is that I could do it all from the comfort of my home. The dedicated trainers from Mukti came to me, making it incredibly convenient for my post-transplant lifestyle. The trainer was very supportive and attended all my calls and WhatsApp messages. Most importantly all my progress was under the direct supervision of my treating Nephrologist Dr. Pratim Sengupta”.

With Mukti, Saloni not only transformed her body but also her outlook on life. She regained her confidence and embraced a healthier, more active lifestyle. “Mukti is more than a program; it’s a lifeline. It is a unique program and there is no such equivalent program available anywhere” she said, her voice filled with gratitude.Mukti for healthy livingMukti Yoga for all

Saloni’s inspiring journey is a testament to Mukti’s power in helping post-transplant patients overcome weight gain and embrace a vibrant, fulfilling life. If you find yourself facing a similar struggle after a kidney transplant, consider Mukti as your ultimate solution to reclaiming your health and experiencing the joys of life after transplantation. To know more about Mukti, please visit our website and enroll yourself in this program. With Mukti by your side, you can turn your post-transplant journey into a remarkable success story.

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