Barley  Water– A Magic Drink for CKD

Barley, also known as Jau is the fourth most important cereal crop after rice, wheat, and maize. Did you know apart from being used as a food grain, barley is also a natural sweetener? Not only that, measured intake of barley can help regulate blood pressure, blood glucose level, improve gut health and so on. But the fact that is underrated is that- Barley works like a natural diuretic, which makes it a perfect solution for individuals with CKD.

How can Barley be a saviour of your Kidney and health? Read on to know…

Barley is a rich source of essential nutrients, dietary fibre, vitamins such as niacin, manganese, phosphorus, and vitamin B6.

Nutrients Fact of Barley per 100 gm:

Energy316 g
Carbohydrate61.2 g
Protein10.9 g
Fat1.3 g
Fiber15.64 g
Folate31.5 mg
Potassium268 mg
Sodium7.56 mg
Phosphorus178 mg
Iron6.4 mg
Barley water works a natural diuretic.

Barley has diuretic properties, meaning it will help you pee. Barley water aids in the elimination of toxins from the kidneys by increasing bladder pressure and urine frequency due to its diuretic qualities. This helps to clean out kidney’s waste and eliminate any extra store of creatinine. According to studies, drinking barley water on a regular basis helps dissolve and clear existing kidney stones, as well as prevent the formation of new stones and Urinary Tract Infection.

Barley water effectively maintains the urine’s regular pH and prevents it from becoming acidic. It also cleanses the kidney’s toxin and reduces calcium excretion in the urine. Overall, barley water benefits the kidneys by relaxing and nourishing them.

Barley is also excellent source of dietary fibre. Fibre is essential for keeping the digestive system healthy, contributing to healthy bowel movements and helping people avoid problem such as constipation.

How you can add barley in your regular diet:

Drinking barley water is healthy for your kidneys. But before consuming barley it is important to keep your serum potassium level in check. Those who are suffering from kidney disease, one of the matter of concern is potassium. As an individual suffering from renal disease, you can add barley in your diet, but it must be consulted with your dietician.

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To drink barley water please follow this recipe:

  • Take 2 table spoons of barley and wash couple of time and soak them for 4-5 hours or overnight.
  • Take 2 cups of water into sauce pan, bring it to boil then add soaked barley and 1 inch chopped ginger pieces.
  • Cover it and boil for 20 mints on medium to low flame.
  • Barley water is ready. Strain the barley water
  • Add lemon drops to taste.
  • Note: But never take barley in power form as it is rich in potassium.

Let’s discuss about health benefits of barley in details  –

Studies show that regular use of barley water can dissolve and eliminate existing kidney stones and prevent the occurrence of stones and other kidney problems. Use of diuretics either natural or synthetic can help speed up the expulsion of the stone.

Reduces the progression of Kidney disease
  • On Chronic Kidney Disease-

Barley in the diet helps to reduce progression of rapid end stages of kidney diseases with improved nutritional status. Barley contains β-glucans which is associated with a saccharolytic shift (process of sugar breakdown with energy production) In gut microbiota metabolism by reduction microbial-derived uremic toxin in blood levels, also its diuretics nature helps to prevent water retention in the body therefore excrete toxins.

  • On kidney stone-

The substances such as calcium, oxalate, uric acid present in urine form crystals, then gradually increase in size, form a kidney stone, at this time these substances fail to dilute as in normal urination process. When it gets stuck & blocks the flow of urine, it may causes pain & in major cases needs surgical process. It shown in studies that, barley helps to eliminate  diluted urine which is the main reason of stone formation.

Barley regulates Blood Pressure
  • On blood pressure

Barley has significant effect on maintenance of blood pressures, studies show, if you add 4gm of barley in your regular diet. It reduces systolic blood pressure by 2.9 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 1.5 mmHg, if add 4gm of barley in your regular diet.

Barley works like Magic for diabetics too.
  • On Diabetes

The anti-diabetic elements in barley are flavonoids, phenolic acid, β-glucans, phytosterols, tocols & resistant starch so having barley in diet helps to improve insulin resistance, lower post postprandial glucose response & increase the level of satiety.

  • On serum lipids

Barley has soluble fibre called β-glucans The higher dietary fibre level of barley worked in our body by increased catabolism of cholesterol, reduced absorption of fat in our body & increased secretion of bile acids in our gut.

  • GUT health

Fermented Barley has a laxative effect to cure conditions like spastic constipation, it also has butyric acid improve the colonic health by degradation of barley dietary fibre.

What is to be kept in mind?

Despite the benefits, regular consumption of barley and in improper way might lead to rising level of potassium, which in turn is might increase other complications. Thus the frequency and amount must be consulted with a Nutritionist. While individuals with potassium level >5 must avoid the consumption of barley.

Contact a Nutritionist- +91 6292 252 946


If one can keep their potassium levels in control then there is no other better choice than Barley for CKD individuals. With a bit of nutrition consultation, you are good to go with adding barley to your diet. Barley water makes a magic drink. One gulp each day and you automatically succeed in preventing- kidney stones, chronic diseases due to High BP and Diabetes, fluid retention and losing weight.