BLACK WATER – Is it worth purchasing? | Usefulness | Effects | Trend

I came across a young lady last week, with a query about something new in the market. She wanted to know the health benefits of Black Water.  She has been excited about trying the same as a lot of famous people who are known for being fit and have also been seen drinking black water in public. Thus, those who believe in living a healthy life and staying fit often tend to follow them without having complete information. There is no harm in trying a new thing, but one must know its utility and necessity as per their body.

What is Black Water?

Water is the elixir of life aits it constituents about 70 % of the human body. Black water is power packed with various important minerals, such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium & Potassium. The distinguishing colour of black water is mainly due to fulvic minerals, these minerals make the water more beneficial. The black water pH is elevated and the ranges are 8 and 9. Having a high pH of more than 8, makes any drink a good detox drink, flushing out toxic heavy materials from the body.  They claim that black water is effective in treating Chronic Diarrhea, digestive problems, like hyperacidity, indigestion and abnormal intestinal fermentation, bone, and heart health, and diabetes. It has been termed as an energy drink, natural alkaline water, and health drink according to the experts.

Benefits of Blackwater:

Keeps you always hydrated, most people drink black water for its ability to provide sustained hydration and keep you hydrated fast, and keep you for hydrated a longer period.

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Brightens your skin, it has detoxification properties which help to brighten up your skin by removing the toxins from the body.

It can help manage the level of HbA1C, it also exhibits antioxidant properties against pancreatic beta cells thereby proving beneficial in diabetes. The antioxidants present may also portray neuroprotective effects.

It can reduce blood viscosity, A study evaluated the effect of black water or high pH water and standard water on blood viscosity and rehydration, It was found that black water can reduce blood viscosity during the recovery phase after exercising but made no difference for rehydration.

It can help to manage acid reflux, by reducing the activity of enzymes responsible for acid reflux. A study revealed that black water denatured human pepsin rapidly and permanently. It also exhibits effective buffering activity.

It can help protect from heart disease, it may be linked with reducing the risk for CVD and CHD due to its antioxidant property.

It can help to prevent aging and increases life span,   animal study proves that consumption of black water helps in reducing aging.

It helps to improve bone health, it helps in curtailing bone loss thereby proving instrumental in osteoporosis.

Reduced cancer, the presence of high mineral content or the total dissolved solids in black water may be beneficial in reducing the incidence of cancer and bringing down the total mortality rate.

Other benefits are like –

  • Prevent gastric acid secretion
  • Prevent Insomnia

What About Kidney Patients?

Alkaline Black Water is also good for patients who are suffering due to Kidney stones. As it prevents kidney stone formation and recurrence.  The Black Water helps to neutralize the acid of the body and balanced the level of pH, creating an environment unfavorable for kidney stone formation. By the balanced pH level, the properties of black water dissolve and make the elimination process easier. The balanced state helps to prevent two common stones, which are Hyperuricosuria and Hyperoxaluria.

However, Chronic Kidney Patients must consult a nutritionist before consuming black water as despite its benefits it might not be a proper fit for few patients.

Despite its benefits, the art and amount of consuming it must be discussed with a Dietician. Excess consumption of Blackwater may lead to side effects given to an increase in alkalinity in the body. Health issues one might come across are:

  • Gastrointestinal problem
  • Skin irritations
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle twitching
  • Tingling in the extremities or face
  • Confusion

Drinking plain water is the best way to keep oneself hydrated. If you are willing to try black alkaline water, it is recommended to consult your nutritionist or physician, to know how good it would suit your body. Also, anything trending in the market does not necessarily mean it would suit you.